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My Windshield Was Damaged By A Rock – What Should I Do?

First off – don’t panic. The stray rock in the windshield is a very common situation. You’re driving on a major highway and a pebble slips off of a construction vehicle of is released from its tire treads. The pebble begins to slow down immediately, bouncing high into the air – and landing on your windshield. You hear the crack, and then you see it – a bullseye in your windshield glass. This happens to just about everyone, and if it hasn’t happened to you consider yourself lucky.

What you’re probably worried about right off the bat – and with good cause – is the crack spreading. Often bullseye damage can begin to “spider” across the rest of the glass rendering your windshield unsafe and obstructing to the driver’s vision. This can be caused by extreme changes in temperature – such as rinsing your car with very cold water on a hot summer day – or by stress and time.

Repairing your windshield with a DIY kit or bringing your car to a shop or individual who does glass repair can save you hundreds of dollars. Stopping the crack from spreading can mean you don’t ever have to replace the windshield because of that bullseye. You should take care of the damage as soon as possible in order to prevent spreading.