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vacuum_tubeThe Fastest, Easiest and Most Profitable Windshield Repair Kits

Windshield repair and crack and damage repairs with the Glass Star Max-Vac Mobile windshield repair system are fast. The quick mounting pedestal and resin chamber mount in seconds and are easy to load. There’s no mixing, no waste and never any mess as is the case with other DIY windshield repair kit manufacturers.

These are the best windshield repair kits. The patented vacuum injector and dual action valve evacuates the air with the precise 30″ of Hg. vacuum. Turn the valve and it injects a specially formulated liquid ultra-violet light cured resin to fill the entire repair cavity. There’s never any guessing. More important, you don’t have to stand on any ladders or sit on the hood to make repairs to do your windshield. Simply attach the extension hose and you can monitor repairs from both inside and outside the vehicle.

Glass Star took the mystery out of windshield repair that used to need special jig fixtures, adapters, bridge assemblies, suction cups and mirrors.

If you’re looking to become a distributor of top-quality windshield repair kits Glass-Star America is the best. Currently with international distribution Glass-Star America windshield repair kits are found everywhere and for a great reason – they are widely considered the best windshield repair kits available.

Here’s how we did it.

New ideas – methods – and new inexpensive materials turned a difficult, time consuming windshield repair job into a quick and easy repair system. Best of all Glass Star Max-Vac puts money in your pocket because it costs much less than any other repair system.

The new Glass Star Max-Vac has maximum vacuum capability and is specifically outfitted with additional accessories to allow technicians to duplicate the high quality windshield repair achieved in an indoor workshop. All in a neat, compact and portable windshield repair kit.

For the fastest, easiest and most profitable windshield crack repairs, nothing beats the Max-Vac mobile from Glass Star. For more information on the best windshield repair kits available, call us today at (631) 400-9889.

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“Repair with Simplicity”

Our History…

Glass-StarAmerica, Inc. was founded by Anthony Jacino who for the past 25 years has been the Vice President and 50% shareholder of Clear Star Products, Inc. (Clear Star Windshield Repair Products)

Glass-StarAmerica is the premiere windshield crack repair kit manufacturer and offers the first, best and original windshield repair solution meeting the highest standards.