Glass-Star America Windshield and Auto Glass Repair FAQ’s

Windshield Glass Damage Repair :

Will my windshield bullseye form a crack?
One recurring issue with windshield repair is the amount of stress the procedure puts on the glass surrounded the damage. In many cases the pressure is sufficient to spread the cracks – and quite a bit of the time it renders the repair useless and forces the owner to replace the entire windshield. Some chalk these repair accidents up to temperature issues or an unavoidable rate of repair failure.

Can the windshield damage spread during repairs?
One recurring issue with windshield repair is the amount of stress the procedure puts on the glass surrounded the damage. In many cases the pressure is sufficient to spread the cracks – and quite a bit of the time it renders the repair useless and forces the owner to replace the entire windshield. Some chalk these repair accidents up to temperature issues or an unavoidable rate of repair failure.

But this is not the case with the Glass-Star repair system. With the Glass-Star system no unnecessary pressure is exerted on the windshield glass. There are no complicated bridge assemblies, no screw mechanisms – the result is a system that minimizes accidental breakage during repair.

How will the windshield look after repairs?
Most resin repairs with the Glass-Star America windshield repair system bring surprisingly clear results – surprising, that is, for those who hadn’t yet seen Glass-Star at work.

Windshield Repair Before and After
As seen in the image above, the Glass-Star system can repair glass to upwards of 90% of its original clarity. This means that not only can repairing your windshield rather than replacing it save you money and stop the spreading of damage, but it can also produce an almost seamless result that can go entirely unnoticed.

How big can windshield damage be and still be repairable?
Generally windshield glass damage can be repaired as long as it is less than 1.5 inches in diameter. Cracks less than 20 inches long can also usually be repaired.

It is important to remember, however, that windshield glass shouldn’t always be repaired. Sometimes it needs to be replaced. If the damage is in the driver’s acute line of sight, if the damage spreads to the inner layer of class, if the cracks extend all the way to the edges of the windshield in various directions, if the damage is more than one year old – all of these are conditions in which it may be a better idea to simply replace the windshield. Especially in those cases where driving with the existing damage would be illegal – these laws are there primarily for your safety and the safety of other drivers and ought not be ignored.

However, in those cases where the damage is not in the driver’s line of site and within the size limits repairing windshield glass is almost always a better choice than replacing it. It is difficult if not impossible to avoid occasional rock impacts with your windshield. You can’t see them coming, and often they fall off of construction vehicles whose drivers haven’t properly swept their vehicles before getting on the road. Driver’s who opt to replace their windshields when they might not have to often suffer the same fate once again.

Windshield repair can also be a lot more convenient than windshield replacement. Most damage can be repaired within 30 minutes. Replacing a windshield means a specialized technician has to remove the windshield, remove all adhesive from the frame, replace the adhesive and very carefully set the windshield. On top of that the car will not be driveable for several hours.

How long will it take to repair my windshield?
The majority of windshield glass repair jobs take less than 30 minutes to complete. This is another reason that it is highly recommended that car owners consider windshield repair as an alternative to windshield replacement. Not only is the overall cost a lot less, but as far as time translates into value the savings are exponentially better.

Not all windshield damage can feasibly be repaired using a windshield repair system. Sometimes the damage is too large, has gotten too far along and spread to too great an area to be properly and effectively repaired using any glass repair system. Sometimes the damage is directly in the driver’s acute line of vision and makes the continued operation of the vehicle unlawful. In any of these cases windshield replacement is the obvious better choice.

However, a cost/benefit analysis of the situation will show you time and time again that your interests are much better served to at least investigate the possibility of windshield glass repair. A technician may inform you that the damage is too great to be repaired effectively, but with the shear amounts of money and time you’ll save if your windshield can be repaired are such that it is absolutely worth looking into.

Why is the Glass-Star America Windshield Glass Repair System the best?
There are some very good reasons why Glass-Star America is simply the best windshield glass repair system out there:

1. No awkward bridge assembly and jig alignment

Most “other” windshield repair systems require the person doing the repairs to climb onto the hood of the car to align an awkward jig structure directly over the damage. This jig structure, or bridge assembly, clings to the glass with a large suction cup that is counter-balanced by a machine screw dial. What’s wrong with this? Well, for starters, you’ve got to get up onto the car to effectively place the mechanism. Furthermore, the counter-balance puts direct pressure on the windshield glass itself. If this pressure becomes forceful enough it can close up the very cracks you are trying to repair – or worse, it can cause the cracks to spread, rendering your windshield irreparable.

The Glass-Star America Windshield Glass Repair System is dramatically better. The Glass-Star system includes an adhesive seal that mounts the resign reservoir to the surface of the glass. This seal performs the work of the complicated Bridge Assembly you see in other windshield glass repair systems without putting any dangerous pressure on the surface of the glass.

2. Pioneering experience in the field

Glass-Star America’s Inventor and Owner, Mr. Tony Jacino, has been a pioneer and innovator in the industry of auto glass repair for decades and co-holds multiple patents in the overall field of glass repair. Bringing a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge to the business, Mr. Jacino has made Glass-Star America the great success that it is, along with his two sons Anthony Jacino, Jr. and Joseph Jacino – President and Vice President respectively.

The Glass-Star tradition of excellence extends to its advanced and practical, professional glass repair systems – the best of its kind in the USA.

How can windshield repair save truckers precious time and money?
Truckers in America are famous for driving incredibly long hours without sleep. They are paid per mile, and the quicker they get their cargo to its destination the more likely it is that they will be hired in the future – and for higher rates. Anything that gets in their way, slows them down or stops them for any amount of time is bad news for a trucker. They are also subjected to rigorous tests by State Transportation Departments. Officers of such departments pour over trucks searching for anything worthy of citation. Among the problems with a truck that will cause it to be sidelined pending repairs is a cracked windshield.

Anybody that’s been on the road for any amount of time has suffered the fate of a bouncing pebble. If you’re lucky you just heard the crack of stone on glass, but your windshield was undamaged. It’s more likely, however, that you have found what many chagrined drivers have found – a “ding,” “bullseye,” “crack” or other damage to your windshield glass. Truckers can often fall victim to this – even more so considering the amount of time they spend driving.

Replacing a windshield can take quite a while. Not only do you normally have to wait for an appointment with a glass repair technician, but the job itself can take an hour. Furthermore, the vehicle cannot be driven for several hours afterwards in most cases. On top of this there lies the cost of replacing a windshield – an expensive part for most trucks.

The unique quality of windshield glass, consisting of two “panes” separated in the middle by a protective inner layer laminent. leaves room for repairs. Specially-developed resins and highly-engineered components allow holes and cracks in windshield glass to be filled and sealed. Repairs are usually completed within a half hour, and the results are often stunningly clear.

For truckers this means that downtime causes by windshield damage can be minimized. Now within a couple of hours a trucker can get ahold of a glass repair technician and have his or her truck back on the road. They save both time and money and loads of both.

Will my insurance rates go up if I file an auto glass claim?
Many people worry about submitting an auto glass claim to their insurance agency for one big reason: they’re afraid the claim, which usually will amount to no more than a few hundred dollars, will be outweighed by the amount they’ll pay over time in increased insurance rates.

This is a myth. Think about it: insurance companies raise drivers’ rates when the driver exhibits some behavior that suggests something about their driving ability. Whether that be taking unnecessary risks (speeding, driving under the influence of controlled substances, etc), getting into accidents (which can suggest something about driving ability), etc. the cause for an increase in insurance rates is always something that can reasonably be attributed to the fault of the driver.

Now think about a cracked windshield. Almost every driver on the road has had it happen. You’re driving on the highway behind a construction vehicle, the driver of that vehicle did not properly sweep the vehicle of debris (which, by the way, is illegal) and a rock dislodges from somewhere on the vehicle, bounces, and smacks loudly into your windshield. In the worst cases this can be very dangerous. In the best it bounces off your windshield cleanly without causing damage. For most of us, however, we end up with a bullseye or other type of break in the windshield glass.

Does this kind of a scenario suggest anything about your driving ability? Absolutely not. There is therefore no cause for your insurance agency to raise your rates. Still don’t believe it? Go ahead and give your broker a call and see what they tell you.

What kind of cracks can be repaired?
The most common types of rock and stone damage are typically round or star shaped and may have a black or silver color to it. Most cracks will often be referred to as a bulls eye, combination, half-bulls eye, beeswing or star fracture. It’s a good idea to repair any windshield damage as soon as possible, before road debris or poor weather takes an additional toll on the already affected area.

How important is it to repair windshield damage?
In a word… very.

Most car owners would consider changing the oil and taking care of routine maintenance to be normal steps taken to keep your car up and running, however most people neglect the windshield. It’s important to take care of any windshield damage as soon as possible to avoid the affected area from spreading and in the end costing you a lot more money, time, and aggravation. Just because a stone cracking your windshield doesn’t change your cars ability to run, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated the same as any troubles you may have under the hood.

Auto glass repair on Long Island
As you know, getting a crack in your windshield is incredibly common, and more so in places with high traffic such as Long Island, where there are hundred of people commuting to and from the city every day. The highways are full of rushing drivers trying to get to their destination; cars, vans, delivery trucks, tractor trailers… Each one could potentially send a stone flying through the sky into your windshield.

Long Island windshield repair can be costly, messy, and time consuming. But now thanks to the Glass-Star DIY windshield repair system, fixing those nasty cracks will be none of those things! And the best part is you wont need any auto glass supplies or tools! The Glass-Star DIY windshield repair system is proven to work and to be safer to use on cracked glass then most other repair kits. The Glass-Star system uses a zero pressure method that allows you to fill the crack effectively without applying pressure to the already damaged glass. The vacuum will draw the air out of the crack allowing the resin to easily flow into it and fill the entire area. No screws, no suction cups, and no complicated assembly!

Business Opportunities in Glass Repair

Auto glass repair on Long Island
Absolutely! We welcome entrepreneurs looking to get started in the Auto Windshield and Glass Repair business! Many Auto Glass Repair businesses start small, and that’s why they are so viable as a business choice. All you really need are the Glass-Star Windshield Repair Kits and whatever materials you need to get the word out : you’re using the best Windshield Repair system out there, and you can save your customers hundreds of dollars repairing their windshields so well they’ll be glad they didn’t opt to replace them.

Windshield Repair Business

Not only is Windshield Repair a viable business to pursue, but it’s a service people can really get behind. Not only can you be well-paid for the service you’re providing, but on top of that you’re saving your customers money and sending them off happy – what could be better? Many people suffer the fate of a rock chip in their windshield glass. It can really ruin your day and leave most people feeling like they’re out of hundreds of their hard-earned dollars because of a little pebble, or because that dump truck driver neglected to properly cover his load or sweep his vehicle. Now you can save people hundreds of dollars – and make yourself a good living doing it!

Contact Glass-Star America today and find out how you can make good money doing Windshield Repair in your community!