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Can I Start My Own Business Doing Auto Windshield Repair?

Absolutely! We welcome entrepreneurs looking to get started in the Auto Windshield and Glass Repair business! Many Auto Glass Repair businesses start small, and that’s why they are so viable as a business choice. All you really need are the Glass-Star Windshield Repair Kits and whatever materials you need to get the word out : you’re using the best Windshield Repair system out there, and you can save your customers hundreds of dollars repairing their windshields so well they’ll be glad they didn’t opt to replace them.


Not only is Windshield Repair a viable business to pursue, but it’s a service people can really get behind. Not only can you be well-paid for the service you’re providing, but on top of that you’re saving your customers money and sending them off happy – what could be better? Many people suffer the fate of a rock chip in their windshield glass. It can really ruin your day and leave most people feeling like they’re out of hundreds of their hard-earned dollars because of a little pebble, or because that dump truck driver neglected to properly cover his load or sweep his vehicle. Now you can save people hundreds of dollars – and make yourself a good living doing it!

Contact Glass-Star America today and find out how you can make good money doing Windshield Repair in your community!