How Glass-Star Windshield Repair Works

Glass Star America

Has the safest and easiest way of injecting Ultra-Violet Resin under the surface of the glass.

How the Glass Star System works.

Glass-Star Windshield Repair System Windshield Repair System Vacuum

Above, illustrates how dramatically less cumbersome the Glass Star chemical reservoir works. No screw threads, No suction cups, No O rings, No complicated Bridge Assemblies, NO DANGER of cracking the glass.

How most OTHER windshield repair systems work.

Best Windshield Repair System - No Jig, Bridge, Screw system Glass-Star America Best Windshield Repair Kit

Above are illustrations of how most other windshield repair systems work. First by climbing on the hood of the car to align a jig fixture over the damaged area and position a chemical reservoir. The fixture is called a bridge assembly. The Bridge Assembly is held to the glass

surface with a huge suction cup, which is counter balanced with machine screw dials. Now comes the threaded cylinder that is screwed thru the Bridge Assembly compressing a rubber O ring directly over the crack. The cylinder acts as the

reservoir for the chemical that gets forced into the damage by a threaded piston dial. If the O ring is pressed down too tight by the threaded cylinder, the cracks close, or worse travel and destroy the whole windshield glass.