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Crack or Chip in your Windshield? Repair it Yourself!

If you’ve been a driver for any length of time, you’ve inevitably been in this situation: You’re driving down the highway, and a rock from the car or truck in front of you kicks up and hits your windshield, leaving a tiny crack. Chances are, you grumble in disgust as you think about when you’re going to find the time to have the windshield replaced. And if you don’t have glass coverage, you probably figure that crack will just have to stay until you can come up with the money to replace it. But what you may not realize in this scenario is that your windshield does not have to be replaced at all.

Car glass repair has become quite popular, and for good reason; it’s safe, affordable, and actually so simple that most drivers can fix cracks or chips in their windshields themselves with a car glass repair kit.

First let’s clarify something about chips and cracks on windshields. Most of the time, small cracks and chips under a foot long do not require complete replacement of the car glass. In fact, repairs are usually preferred, because the rigid tests on the bonds of windshields in brand new cars are not performed on replacement windshields. Using a car glass repair kit, therefore, allows you to retain the bond of the windshield’s factory seal.

Replacing an entire windshield can be expensive; most start at $300 and go up from there. But a do-it- yourself car glass repair kit is often less than a third of that price. There are quite a variety of kits available that are quite simple to use, with repairs taking up very little time.

Don’t let that chip or crack go on for too long-

It is advisable to repair any damage to your car glass as soon as possible—even the same day, if you can. Ignoring a crack or chip in your windshield is not advised, for several reasons:

  • Ignoring a small crack could result in the crack growing until it is too large for repair, and you will have to pay for a complete replacement.
  • Small cracks could compromise the integrity of the windshield, causing it to spread completely at the slightest bump.
  • Chips and cracks can impede on the driver’s ability to see correctly.
  • Dirt and grime can seep into your vehicle through a crack or chip.