Glass-Star America Windshield and Auto Glass Repair FAQ

Will my insurance rates go up if I file an auto glass claim?

Many people worry about submitting an auto glass claim to their insurance agency for one big reason: they're afraid the claim, which usually will amount to no more than a few hundred dollars, will be outweighed by the amount they'll pay over time in increased insurance rates.

This is a myth. Think about it: insurance companies raise drivers' rates when the driver exhibits some behavior that suggests something about their driving ability. Whether that be taking unnecessary risks (speeding, driving under the influence of controlled substances, etc), getting into accidents (which can suggest something about driving ability), etc. the cause for an increase in insurance rates is always something that can reasonably be attributed to the fault of the driver.

Now think about a cracked windshield. Almost every driver on the road has had it happen. You're driving on the highway behind a construction vehicle, the driver of that vehicle did not properly sweep the vehicle of debris (which, by the way, is illegal) and a rock dislodges from somewhere on the vehicle, bounces, and smacks loudly into your windshield. In the worst cases this can be very dangerous. In the best it bounces off your windshield cleanly without causing damage. For most of us, however, we end up with a bullseye or other type of break in the windshield glass.

Does this kind of a scenario suggest anything about your driving ability? Absolutely not. There is therefore no cause for your insurance agency to raise your rates. Still don't believe it? Go ahead and give your broker a call and see what they tell you.

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